Save your receipt right away!

By Paul Panserrieu — Thursday, August 17, 2023, Berlin

Ever skipped a small task, thinking it's too trivial to act on immediately? Well, when it comes to paperwork, I've learned that's a mistake. This is just a peek into the bigger picture of Conquering freelance complexity

Whether it's a receipt, an invoice, an official document, or any essential record, there's a small favor I ask of you:

Store it straight away.

I've been guilty of procrastinating on this too often. By my estimate, I've lost a whole day (or more!) of my life just searching for those scattered pieces of paper come tax season.

It's not just about the time wasted, but also the stress and frustration that accompanies the hunt for a misplaced document. This is one facet of the broader challenge of Simplifying freelance admin that every freelancer should be aware of.

The few seconds it takes to file a receipt or upload a digital copy to platforms like can save hours down the line.

Now, don't underestimate the importance of regularity in this process. As we've discussed in Accounting: regularity is key, maintaining consistent habits in your financial management can make all the difference.

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