Want an accountant? Watch out for these

By Paul Panserrieu — Tuesday, August 29, 2023, Berlin

When I started freelancing, my biggest barrier was figuring out taxes. How do they work? How do I file a tax declaration as a freelancer? It felt like I was diving into the complexities of freelancing without a guide.

So, I quickly chose an accountant I could meet in Berlin without much trouble.

He did the job. But I thought the word adviser was part of tax adviser. How naive of me!

Unhappy with the service, we switched to another accountant the next year, one with better social proof.

Big mistake. As a small freelancer, I quickly realized we weren't in a win-win relationship.

The upside? We had to learn the ins and outs ourselves.

We found out that different accountants, given the same information, produced different outcomes. And get this—both tax declarations were accepted!

That was the ultimate proof we could handle it ourselves

I'm not saying accountants don't do their job; I just wish I'd met ones who were also willing to share their knowledge, like folks in the open-source community do.

By the way, momo.coach is built using open-source components. Check out our tech stack if you're interested.

(If you're an accountant looking to change the status quo, feel free to email us at support@momo.coach so we can have a chat!)

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