Tech stack

By Paul Panserrieu — Friday, August 18, 2023, Berlin

JavaScript is fundamental to our platform.

On the server-side, relies on a series of dependable projects:

For the front-end, we utilize a single-page application architecture, bundling with Browserify and incorporating several npm packages like:

  • nanorouter: Addresses our routing requirements.
  • date-fns: Manages date and time functions.
  • papaparse: Essential for parsing CSVs, aiding in efficient CSV imports.
  • sheetjs: Assists in spreadsheet operations.
  • ejs: Our selected templating engine, because we can template the template. (allowing meta templating)
  • D3: The lib we use for visualizations.

UI elements are custom made. Only D3 is used to help on the graphs.

For a deeper understanding of and our decisions, feel free to explore our philosophy or learn about our choice to prioritize the web over having a mobile app.

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