Our philosophy

By Paul Panserrieu — Tuesday August 15 2023, Berlin

Empowering Through Software

At the heart of our beliefs is the idea that software should elevate us. Instead of obscuring the details, software should clarify and simplify them. While diving deep into these complexities might not be everyone's immediate choice, the accessibility to do so should always be present.

It's this principles that makes the .coach domain resonate with our mission.

Envisioned as a guiding companion, momo.coach aims to be your ally in overcoming self-management challenges. (And we're right here with you! 🤪)

For a more comprehensive exploration on managing freelance challenges, check out our insights on simplifying your freelance admin.

We stand firm on certain principles.

For instance, when it comes to invoicing, we believe in simplicity and clarity. Whether it's an hourly rate or a flat rate, our platform offers a consistent approach.

As a freelancer, your time is invaluable. There's no differentiation in the worth of your hours, and our platform reflects that belief.

Ready to experience our philosophy in action?

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