Our core mission

By Paul Panserrieu — Tuesday August 15 2023, Berlin

Supporting freelancers, always

At the heart of our mission lies a simple yet profound belief: Helping freelancers stay freelancers.

The journey of freelancing is filled with unparalleled freedom and creativity, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges.

Administrative tasks can be intimidating and organizational difficulties might feel overwhelming.

But these barriers should never prevent passionate individuals from pursuing or continuing their freelance journey. Much like the myriad challenges in life, these obstacles are surmountable.

Remember, every expertise we possess today was once foreign to us. Whether it's riding a bike, cooking a meal, or even something as fundamental as walking – it all started with the first step, followed by stumbles, falls, and countless retries.

The path to mastering the complexities of freelancing is no different. It's a journey of learning, practice, and resilience.

For those seeking guidance on this journey, our detailed exploration into conquering freelance complexity provides invaluable insights.

Stay committed, embrace learning, and cherish the freedom of freelancing.

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