Simplifying freelance admin

By Paul Panserrieu โ€” Monday August 14 2023, Berlin

Stressed by administrative tasks? If it resonates, ๐Ÿ– Hi! Welcome aboard.

Behind freelancing's glamour

Freelancing sounds great with its flexible hours and being your own boss. But behind that, there's a bunch of tricky tasks. Keeping track of time, handling accounting, juggling different client needs, and dealing with a mountain of receipts โ€“ every freelancer gets it.

The old ways aren't working

All of us have been in that situation, or we'll find ourselves there at some point: sticky notes all over the desk, multiple apps for different tasks, that spreadsheet you made for invoices which only you understand.

This scattered approach isn't just messy; it's inefficient.

Ever wondered if you'd notice a bank error? It's more common than you think, and without the right tools, these errors can go unnoticed. Jumping between apps, trying to remember where you stored a client's info, or that crucial receipt - it's time for a break!

Discovering your all-in-one companion

  • โฑ Optimized time management: Log hours efficiently, ensuring every billable moment is captured.
  • ๐Ÿ“’ Accounting, made simple: Manage earnings and expenses across multiple accounts, handle single payments for multiple invoices seamlessly, attach files to transactions, and prepare for tax returns without the usual headache.
  • ๐Ÿงพ Seamless quoting & invoicing: No more template struggles. Advanced HTML mode for fields and easy PDF exports make invoicing and quoting a breeze.
  • ๐Ÿ—ƒ Centralized file management: Gone are the days of misplacing files. Store, describe, and link them to transactions, all within

Building success: freelance habits with

Beyond features, is about cultivating effective habits.

Regular time tracking, organized file management, and streamlined accounting become second nature, guiding you toward a more efficient freelance lifestyle.

This focus on cultivating habits is deeply rooted in our philosophical approach at

What's next?

Before we look ahead, let's highlight a few things that make unique:

  • Harness the power of #hashtags: Enhance your organization with #hashtags. Categorize time entries, expenses, and earnings for efficient filtering and experience a new level of organizational clarity.
  • Keeping tabs in sync: You don't need to refresh. With, changes made on one device are instantly updated on all other devices, ensuring consistent and synchronized data across platforms.
  • Auto-integration of subscriptions: One of our little nods is the auto-integration of subscription invoices. This allows seamless drag-and-drop functionality for receipts, streamlining your transaction management.

Now, looking ahead, the journey doesn't stop here. With constant updates and feedback-driven improvements, is set to evolve alongside the dynamic world of freelancing. Learn more about our tech stack and our commitment to using our product to make it better.

Conclusion: regain passion, minimize paperwork

Freelancing shouldn't be synonymous with administrative chaos.

With, dive back into what made you love freelancing in the first place, and let us handle the complexities.

And if you're contemplating getting professional financial help, here's something to consider: Want an accountant? watch out for these. Ensure you're making informed decisions in every aspect of your freelance journey.

Ready to transform your freelance admin?

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