Conquering freelance complexity

By Paul Panserrieu — Monday August 14 2023, Berlin

Freelancing is a beautiful, exciting journey of independence and talent, but it's not without its roadblocks.

In the middle of the rush of projects, diverse clients, and self-imposed deadlines lies the realm of administrative complexities. Invoices, time tracking, and tax reports can be tricky.

But fear not! Just as every problem has a solution, there's a way to navigate these complexities and continue succeeding in your freelance venture.

🖐Hi, fellow freelancer!

Do these concerns sound familiar?
  • Are you always procrastinating on tax reports?
  • Stress while crafting invoices or quotations?
  • Heart rate spikes when your accountant sends a query?
  • Forgotten to bill because a day's work wasn't logged?
  • Always behind schedule with sending out invoices?

You're not alone.

Despite not being too bad with numbers, the labyrinth of freelance administration had me contemplating a return to a 9 to 5.

And I've seen many talented peers take that very step, forsaking their dreams of freelance independence. But it shouldn't be this way. Administrative hurdles shouldn't overshadow our aspirations.

Enter, a platform I envisioned and brought to life to aid freelancers like you and me. Its mission? To help you master your freelance admin and ensure no billable hour slips through the cracks. It keeps your accounting in sync, and those uploaded receipts? They're easily managed.

Adopting the right habits is the cornerstone of thriving in a freelance environment. Key habits such as consistent time tracking and meticulous accounting, where every receipt is promptly uploaded and attached to its corresponding transaction, can make a world of difference.

But habits alone aren't enough. Equipping oneself with the right knowledge is equally crucial. For instance, understanding how to re-invoice, comprehending the intricacies of handling cash, and determining how you want your invoice to appear are all essential.

Moreover, adhering to best practices such as keeping professional accounting separated from personal transactions is indispensable for clarity and compliance.

With these habits in place and the insights provided by, you'll confidently know:

  • The exact number of hours you clocked last week.
  • Your total expenses from the past month.
  • The amount of tax collected and paid.
  • Which clients await an invoice.

Armed with this knowledge, you can reclaim control over your freelance operations.

Dive into, embrace its features, and let's transform those administrative challenges into achievements. Because with the right tools, the freelance dream isn't just viable—it's sustainable.

Ready to tackle the freelance jungle head-on? Get started with today.

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