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By Paul Panserrieu — Friday, August 18, 2023, Berlin

IMHO, taking on two platforms as a solopreneur? Doesn't sound right. The battle? Just not worth the sweat.

I used to make mobile apps, diving deep with PhoneGap before it became cordova. Believe me when I say – it felt like a constant struggle with the platforms. Cross-platform development? It's like skating on thin ice.

Keeping up with the endless downloads, the ever-changing updates, and navigating the maze of review processes and rejections, was draining.

So I decided to focus on the web. I just ♥ the web! It's the perfect place for me to simplify freelance admin without getting caught in the heart of platform struggles. And it's right in line with our philosophy.

Want a sneak peek under the hood? Check out the tech stack that fuels And if you're interested in mastering the freelance labyrinth, our guide on conquering freelance complexity might just be your map.

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